Its always difficult to answer personal and work related questions....but its a really good exercise to put things on perspective, to see the positive and try to  improve the problems....It is easy to avoid those questions but when a team like Pleased to Meet You  is knocking at your door..you dont have other choice than to take it easy and start thinking why you do what you do...and this is the answer...; ))

 Meet JOSIE ☞ Meet A Z A B A L A

Describe yourself in five words;
Curious, distractible, creative, emotional and friendly.
You live in London. Tell us where we will find you…
…on Thursday night. Drinking a Smoothie with Katia, after our German lessons.
…at lunchtime on Friday.
I usually eat at home, and from time to time when the sun shines I go downstairs and eat a delicious falafel in White Cross St Market.
…on Saturday morning.
I never plan Saturday mornings, so I can be sleeping or having a walk around Regents Canal,or going to Zumba class or having breakfast around Stoke Newington…or trying to do everything on the same day.
Love all the car boot sales in London.
. My favority meal of the day is the brunch, it can be a full english breakfast at Market Cafe in White Cross or some egg florentines and a spinach and feta cake at The Blue Legume, in Stoke Newington Church St.
Who is your favourite musician?
These days Fatoumata Diawara.
Who are the guests at your dream dinner party?
My friends, and specially the ones I dont see so often.
Who should play you in a film?
Elle Fanning could be a good option, as she is much younger than me…so I could always look young..at least in the movie ; )
Complete these sentences:
My favourite city is…The one I live at the time, now is London, it has been Barcelona, and in some years could be an other one.
My favourite design object of all time is I would say something practical, that makes my live easier..but there are so many things..this days I want a knit-stool from Claire-Anne O’Brienand  a Fauteuil Dilma, Am Pm.
perfume is….Eau de Merveilles, Hermes..in my 7th bottle already.
I’m obsessed with… .Pinterest
Which designer/artist do you most admire and what makes them your design hero?
I admire quiet a few people out there..from Cristobal Balenciaga and his exquisite cuts, love Ricardo Tisci’s looks and attention to detail at Givenchy…Egon Schiele and Gerhard Richter for their paintings…and all of them an much more, for reaminding us that any carrier choice is valid.
What trend are you following this summer?Last summer I worked non stop on the AW12 production, so I was wearing any confy t-shirt and shorts I could find around.
What inspires you? Long walks, feel happy and make a lot of crafts.

What was your dream job?
To have a studio where I can create collections every season, together with giving different workshops related with Design.
How were you able to find the money to open AZABALA?
I started with a really small amount of money,just enough to buy some fabrics, as I started working by order. So I was just producing what I knew I would sell, and using my living room as a studio.
What have been the best and worst parts of being a small business owner?
Im happy organising my time and deciding how and on what I want to work, even though the business drives a lot and prioritises a lot everyday tasks. And on the low side, I missed to have a team to share the ideas, to make them bigger and better.

What has your spending style been with your business?

I have been working for a year and a half on the label, and I tried to keep it small and growing slowly and under control, I produce acording to the shops im selling, for the last two season I did everything on my own, designs, patterns, productions and even the brouchures. For this season im going to involve more people specially for the production.
Did you have a mentor figure that helped you figure everything out?
I remember some teachers, family and friends giving me the confidence to keep going in fashion, but I started the label quietly and gradually so I didnt give much chance to the people to help me.
Have there been any moments of desperation, with tears, where you gorged yourself on cupcakes?
I am quite emotional, but at the moment im living my dream and that makes me stronger. Being my own project I need to fight for it, so I try to be always positive to keep going in a good mood.
What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
A indian friend wrote me an email once saying, how can you swim without getting into waters?

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  1. Muy entretenida. Pues parecías bastante relax! os imagino tranquilamente en algún café.
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