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The Summer collection is already in the shops, and the new pictures are on the way...we could do it the other way around but it didnt happen. ...we could do some many things the other way around..; )...but no regrets, as we think changes are happening and we read changes are happening!!

Today, as suppliers and specially as Fans of the products in WALDRAUD we have received the monthly Newsletter, full of interesting content....and the two monthly interviews....where we once were interviewed back in October...please feel free to find not the 7 but at least a couple of positive differences; )
..it was back in October..so no summer pics yet ; (..soonsoon

Fashion - AZABALA

London based designer Amaia Zabala creates easy-feeling and urban wear for women who are experimental with their style. The inspiration is taken from the northern metropolis and her collections are produced in the United Kingdom.
Amaia - Designer of AZABALA
Three questions to Amaia Zabala

Waldraud - What inspired you to create the brand AZABALA?

Amaia - It was more like a natural progress, not something planned. I enjoy very much the creative process and after finishing my studies in fashion design and having worked for several fashion companies, I was searching for new ways channeling the necessity to express myself. So I have started using graphics, especially collages, working very often with themes like cities and their inhabitants in small and huge formats. During the making of the collages, I was unconsciously working again with pictures of clothes which started giving me new ideas of designs and prints and especially a new and exciting way of work. At that point I decided to use the good vibe of the moment and create AZABALA as a fashion label for Women Wear.

AZABALA - Raincoat 
Waldraud - What makes your production process special?

Amaia - A piece of AZABALA is special as it is hand made in our studio in London, listening to world music and getting inspiration from contemporary, northern metropolis. We like to produce in the Arts&Crafts spirit, working in a small studio, from designing the prints until the finished product, and even enjoying doing all our swing tags by hand.

Waldraud - What kind of message would you like to communicate with AZABALA?

Amaia - I have always been interested in the relation between cities and citizens, in the sense that each inhabitant interacts in a unique way with their surroundings. I work with the idea that each city is different for each person, that each one communicates in a different way, impacting the people around. That's the idea I try to express with my collection, where most pieces can be worn in various ways. Each design therefore enables the customer to emphasise their own style and expressiveness.

...and more interviews from WALDRAUD product, fashion, ideas...designers...

Waldraud Introduces Two Designers and Their Products

The honest and innovative objects of the Parisian label Moustache break with conventional design concepts while standing the test of time.
Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio - Moustache Founders
Three questions to Massimiliano, co-founder of Moustache

Waldraud - What inspired you to create the brand Moustache?

Massimiliano - We have always wanted to develop home furnishings. Three years ago we decided to set up Moustache to try and live out an alternative vision of the nostalgia concept that the design milieu has been offering over the last few years. There is undoubtedly a surrealist reasoning behind this name but our aim was to choose a name which neither resembled nor was directly related to this sector of a designer furnishings company. Moustache should be regarded for its deeper qualities such as its comforting sound, its warmth evoked from the graphic representation, its facility to be understood in many languages and the mere fact that its depiction saves us from writing out the name in full! The word and image of Moustache is often associated with the benevolent characteristics of a father or grandfather and this quasi-universal affective definition is interesting as regardless of our family or social background, there is truth behind all this!
Moustache - Bold designed by Big-Game, available in different colors, cover can be bought seperately
Waldraud - What makes our production process special?

Massimilano – We above all chose to work with 8 designers with very different (sometimes even opposing) approaches in order to produce an open collection. Even if all these designers have a number of underlying points in common, they have very divergent personalities and approaches to design, and so it’s very interesting to have them create a coherent collection together.
We also want our products to be manufactured very close to us using local knowhow that would not be possible somewhere else. All of the products are manufactured in France, Belgium, Italy and Germany.
Moustache - Instant Seat designed by Matali Crasset, plywood beech available with natural, turquoise or orange leather seat

Waldraud - What kind of message would you like to communicate with Moustache?

Massimilano - We hope that what Moustache will bring is simplicity and quality with intelligent, surprising and innovative objects. And perhaps – even if this might seem a little utopist – an alternative attitude to consumption. Moustache’s mission is to offer products that break with the old logic of producing and replacing products in order to fulfill newly created artificial needs. We turn away from overly demonstrative objects, preferring products that will be able to satisfy us a long time and become a longstanding part of our homes.

Fashion - White Mountaineering

Design, utility and technology are three key words to describe the brand White Mountaineering. The Japanese label produces functional and fashion-forward outdoor wear. White Mountaineering also launched the basic line Wardrobe, which includes simple design while focussing on special textiles and sewing techniques.
White Mountaineering - Gore-Tex Windbreaker Black and Cardigan, both available at Waldraud
Three questions to Aizawa-san, founder and designer of White Mountaineering

Waldraud - What inspired you to create the brand White Mountaineering?

Aizawa-san - As I use to do climbing and similar sports, I was very interested in outdoor wear from the very beginning. Then, in my previous job we had an outdoor wear season theme which gave me the opportunity to get some experience and this got me even more interested in that field. I thus thought that it would be great if I could make items based on that. Finally, I decided to start White Mountaineering.
White Mountaineering - Softwear Cardigan, available at Waldraud
Waldraud - What makes your production process special?

Aizawa-san - Almost all our products are produced at our factories from A to Z. I usually first choose some high-spec raw material like wool, cotton or even leather and then think of how I could use the materials to make items that can be used on a daily basis with all the needed functionality. I thus start thinking about the raw material composing an item before I think of the item itself.

White Mountaineering - Parka and tights, both available at Waldraud

Waldraud - What kind of message would you like to communicate with White Mountaineering?

Aizawa-san - Not a specific message really. I just want to produce high-quality functional outdoor wear.
...and WALDRAUD even design their own products...

Waldraud Introduces its Own Brand and Products

Waldraud does not only carry brands from other designers. Under the label Waldraud, we design our own furnishing and fashion products. In this newsletter, we present our first two products to you - Waldraud Side Table and Waldraud Scarves & Collars.

Waldraud - Side Table, available in ash, birch, oak and walnut

Waldraud - Collar with exchangeable stripes

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Three questions to Waldraud

What inspired us to create the brand Waldraud?

In late 2010, we started to develop the Waldraud concept with the goal to offer a playful approach to selective furnishings- and fashion ideas. We all have a passion for products that are different and make people smile. Waldraud will not rest. We are constantly looking out for new creative and stylish products that are produced in small series locally and sustainably. Sometimes we just cannot find exactly what we want. That’s when we start developing our own playful products.

Waldraud - Side Table disassambled
Waldraud - Waldraud Scarf on Side Table
What makes our production process special?

We have the same requirements as for the external brands we are selling: playful, high quality and locally produced in small series. The process starts with our ideas and concepts. As we are not able to produce the products ourselves, we look for a partner who is able to transfer our ideas into a product. We work very closely with our partners and are constantly influencing the production process and the selection of materials or colours.

The Waldraud Side Table is produced by Agosti HOLZ-IDEEN,
a young St.Gallen based carpenter team.

The Waldraud Scarves and Collars are produced
by the Swedish costumier Jenny Wallin.

What kind of message do we want to communicate with the brand?

Waldraud products bring playfulness into the customers’ and their friends’ lives.

PS: Look out for our scarves in the NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) this weekend.