W A L D R A U D at B L I C K F A N G

ZURICH + WALDRAUD = BLICKFANG fashion performance
A Z A B A L A raincoat + more Designers = Fashion Show


      photo credits:bon.lebon©


A Z A B A L A in L A P O U R L A

 It was a great surprise for us, when we heard that LA POUR LA was interested in having A Z A B A  L A hanging on their rails!! Cause we like Stuttgart ; ) and L O V E  the shop atmosphere! You can go and shop, brands like Wood WoodMinkPink, Libertine-libertine or enjoy a night out listening to Monsieur Mo Rio playing live at the shop!And you could also treat yourself with a sushi feast from I LOVE SUSHI!So is there any better plan for a friday evening? Spaß haben!!


T H A N K S T O M A R I A F O R P I C T U R E S ; )
I L O V E S U S H I C O R N E R 

An a really big thanks to Verena!!!