Working on A Z A B A L A’s AW14 collection we investigated new ways and techniques to continue generating dialogues between the contrast of structure and fluidity, with sculpturally created pieces. We felt really attracted to tapestry, the prints can be generated with that handmade technique and the way of working the wool and cotton's leafy volume.

So we started asking our friends and family if they knew someone to collaborate with to carry out the piece we had in mind. It was suggested that we get in contact with the Catalina Erauso Art Club in Donostia, which teaches tapestry making, and we did so and explained our idea to them. Loli Altolagirre, who teaches textile experience and techniques, was excited and interested in collaborating with A Z A B A L A.

Talking has been an essential part of the process to find the balance between the handmade work and technique knowledge and, on the other hand, the piece design and the fashion context.

It’s been an enriching experience for both of us. We had the opportunity to increase our knowledge sharing this process with Loli in a close and trusting atmosphere, and we value having had the opportunity to work with professional artisan and improve the result thanks to this collaboration.

The collection was presented in the Kutxa Kultur Moda catwalk at Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum last Saturday 6th of April ending our show with this item and we had got really good reviews about the collection.

We’re delighted with this especial item in A Z A B A L A’s AW14 Collection!!

Top photo by Oscar Alonso //Down-left photo by Aritz Trueba //Down-right photo by Laura Miner