A Z A B A L A now in W A L D R A U D

A Z A B A L A has started its international journey in            W A L D R A U D.
Opened a couple of weeks ago, in a former industrial area in Zurich, the store offers an interesting and highly loveable  selection of furnishing and fashion, surrounded by an amazing and well crafted space. We are already writing our wish-list...Claire-anne O'brien Knit stools, Nachacht Coat ranks, Kraud
for lights and Susan Bijl for nylon shopping bags, Stine Goya pullovers, Waiting for the sun sun glasses...and many more things...Have a look on their fresh web and make your own list!! Here some pics of the shop.

T H E  T E A M  B E H I N D  W A L D R A U D 

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